Summary of kissasian

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Summary of kissasian

@chaiitapri @KainatZaYa Exactly. You could have downloaded the episodes from kissasian in your phone/laptop.

@Bluebluesprin This is the one but not sure if this one has eng sub...have look on kissasian..they usually have most of the jap movie on there.,i ll come over tomorrow..πŸ’ž

@pjfanatics >>> GIGOLO Korean movie po sya.. u can watch it on kissasian website

ooh just discovered a variety show site equivalent of kissasian :)) nice

IS KISSASIAN DOWN TODAY?!!!! I cant watch huhu

@tokyuki I'm not sure which ones are on Netflix sorry but you can use or but I'm sure at least one of these is on Netflix

@misc_suna Kissasian is great to watch the series, but they also have the eng sub on youtube. I prefer watching it on youtube though.

@tea_partae nope, i watched it at βœŠπŸ»πŸ’›

@misc_suna @ryedin00 I watch on kissasian, but if anyone knows a better place then that would be great