Summary of kissasian

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Summary of kissasian

So last night was the last time I can open kissanime and kissasian using palam’s wifi

How to download drama at kissasian? 😭

@geminisyirah Yes I watch dramas on Viki or kissasian or Netflix or something. :’(

wala pa lang hotel del luna sa netflix :))) okay we going kissasian ksks

HUGE thank you to the kissasian team for providing good subs finally, since this movie is still very recent, true MVPs

@Rhema_Me I looked it up on kissasian saaa nothing, then i googled it.

@nikitadarius101 Idk if you're interested or not but I tell you just in case, hahahha. Kissasian already uploaded the divine fury with eng sub, wjdjjwdj.

ooo is weird bc for whatever reason i remember where i used to watch it and have to rely on kissasian

@HAPPYLILSEOK has Hotel Del Luna. Try this if it works

@imbertgomez i still watch cdramas at kissasian but i watch the kings avatar on tv. it is much bigger and has 1080p resolution

@nadiraismyname Hahaha you did not watch at kissasian anymore?