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Summary of kissasian

😺✏ — Viki, kissasian (which really isn’t legal). Also recently chinese apps WeTV and iQiYi, oh and MGTV have launched their intl ver with eng subs for quite……

So terrace house or sambung kissasian?

Where to what it? KissAsian.

@sheepofsheep @ConsultinWerew1 Wetv app works fine for me, but maybe try kissasian?

@9oolaman Will check kissasian for the movie then. Unfortunately no Amazon prime here. Not that I have money for extra subscriptions lol. Thanks for the recs!

@BeetleReviews Yesss! His dramas are very easy to find if you have the right subscriptions! As for Hwayi.. I heard it's on amazon.. (or just watch on kissasian whichever's more convenient 😆) 👍👍👍 It's a must watch for those who wanna go through Yeo Jin Goo's filmography.

@Kumii0309 None of those have these dramas, I've already checked... But someone told me they are avaiable on this site , if you ever need to know 😉

@UzomaJovita i think today..i always check it on kissasian after 2 days.

Kissasian hasn’t uploaded episode 9 of history3: make our days count....might as well k word me now

kissasian spamming my browser with anime tiddies while im waiting for modc ep 9

test Twitter Media - kissasian spamming my browser with anime tiddies while im waiting for modc ep 9

never watched a stream on kissasian that was so crisp

n i saw it on kissasian, youtube, AND netflix and they all say smth different but the basic meaning is that they’re “best friends” so i wanna Know if the subbers are just trying to make it het

@ah_bua @theperfecthomme @asimplebloke Currently, it is only on Viki Rakuten and it’s payable + restricted to those in US. I had to use VPN and pay to watch it. 😅 But I think KissAsian might have. You can try it there. 😊

@kiaehyung i asked oomf for the link bc they were watching 😌 here u go baby…