Summary of kissasian

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Summary of kissasian

HAHAHA omg ok you theres this site to watch dramas kissasian right and i legit read it as "i watched kiss at tangga" im like oh? is that a new site asdflkhfkhas;jfklahaf READ PROPERLY DONT SCAN OMG

@PlutoMoonchild Ok! I wasn’t sure where you were! But I originally watched it here if that helps ☺️

@luvieon Seonam high school investigators on kissasian!!! It might seem weird at first but it's so good and funny fkcjx

oh just found suits on kissasian. hyungsik i'm coming for that ass

ok so I'm watching kdramas at kissasian but as I pressed play this advertisement came up and closed itself in like 5 seconds,,,,, I DONT WANT A VIRUS ON MT LAPTOP MARTY IM SCARED

we met again, kissasian ahishshsh

i want to watch swing kids alreadyyyyy!!! 😭 kissasian, u r my hope, please be released early 😭

@SashaRK27 There is ♥️ search it on kissasian

I just want to support my giant baby by not watching from kissasian or myasiantv or anything huk huk (╯︵╰,)

@cuddlychae Dang ny fren got the premium one byt still have ads i'm so done :/// but kissasian also have ads but not as much as viu

@cuddlychae Ikr 😭😭😭 you can watch at ^^