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Summary of kickassanime

@palomacinema I either watch it on kickassanime or gogoanime

@PoLitaKaLLisa @Christianizhere @Izuzuzu20 Ohh. Escanor🙌 His pride is over the top... But damn he puts his money where his mouth at. I love the way he really whoop the ass of that 10 commandments guy. 💥🔥 (dub and sub, update is 🔥🔥) These two always deliver for me.

(KickAssAnime has the episode and you know. Clicking episode 4 doesn't force episode 1 on me)

@Deathpressionn watch it on kickassanime on a dailymotion server its basically twistmoe

@wlwriku… I cant be 100% these are the subs I watched when I was 14 but, I checked and Kaworu's line is translated as "love," so I trust it!!! jshadksds still be wary of ads like any other site. even the site warns "ignore our ads just watch lol"

@Crimsonqueen44 Only website i found kickassanime but there ep 89 and stuff idk if there labeled wrong but u can check it out incase

@lasquadra10 @Leo13007 I watch on kickassanime works the best for me