Summary of jkrowling

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Summary of jkrowling

Big Hollywood companies are also not stupid enough to base their decisions on public opinion. They base their decision on financial gain and external pressure. #JKRowling can create enough pressure to keep #JOHNNYDEPP. She already did it once

I lost you, but I found him So I win :)🐥 #JKRowling

i'm not spoiling you the end but i'm actually the next jkrowling

A little #writing #Wisdom from #jkrowling. #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation…

I open at the close. #HarryPotter (Movie) #Trivia @BrewSAbeer this Wednesday, 4.24 beginning at 7:30pm. RSVP by clicking; #ButterBeer #JKRowling #Quidditch

@GOrlaaane @jk_rowling If it wasn’t for her he won’t be in series in first place. Are we forgetting all the shit she took for casting him. Just trust her, she will do what’s right. #JKRowling

@Saphire_Blue_ @fantasticleak16 TRUST #JKROWLING. She stood by him when nobody else did. We fucking owe her that

Our founder J.K. Rowling and @lumos_ceo Georgette Mulheir met @whoopigoldberg to talk about our work reuniting children with their families - and to dispel some common myths about orphanages. Watch the full discussion here: #wearelumos