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@JamesComey @MSNBC @maddow @CNN @nbc @Morning_Joe @MeetThePress @realDonaldTrump @chucktodd @ealDonaldTrump @JoeNBC @GOP @60Minutes @FoxNews @IvankaTrump @nytimes @TheDemocrats @realDonadTrump @SenSanders @SenKamalaHarris @BernieSanders @SenKamalaHarris Even if you run the primary, don't fight hard against @BernieSanders . If you don't win the primary, then join @SenSanders as the VP. I say running the primary in 2020 is a waste of time, money & energy for Ms Harris. Don't think you can win in the general.

@JamesComey @MSNBC @maddow @CNN @nbc @Morning_Joe @MeetThePress @realDonaldTrump @chucktodd @ealDonaldTrump @JoeNBC @GOP @60Minutes @FoxNews @IvankaTrump @nytimes @TheDemocrats @realDonadTrump @SenSanders @SenKamalaHarris Drop out of the race. You can't win a general election at the top of the ticket THIS TIME, but in 4 more years in 2024 YOU CAN. A waste of money, time & energy. Join @BernieSanders 's ticket as the Vice Presidential candidate. @SenSanders

#FBI Lawyer #JamesBaker wanted to charge #HillaryClinton on the #Email #Scandal but was talked out of it by #JamesComey & company.

#RBA governor Philip Lowe needs to ensure that any rate cuts are not gifted to either side of parliament. Don't do a #JamesComey near a crucial election #auspol

Amazing @TheBeatWithAri interview of Andrew McCabe. Several moments of pause, where a former FBI official starts to stammer, drink more water, mess his pronouciations. Why so nervous? @AriMelber is worth being a TV Mueller himself! #MuellerTime #RodRosenstein #JamesComey

💯 #JamesComey could've done better with his Delivery, which came across as a Scolding of HRC 🤨 #AndrewMcCabe…

Given extreme anti-Trump sentiments in #FBI once #JamesComey got fired it seems that #AndrewMcCabe lost his mind over possibility @POTUS went to the dark side. Once that fevered delusion took hold, anything was possible, like presidential incapacity or even preposterous treason

#AndrewMcCabe #JamesComey #PeterStrzok #BruceOhr and the rest did not act alone and with the blessing of just the #Democrats. It’s time to flood the holes and and force the #Republicans involved to the surface

As #AndrewMcCabe confesses to why he opened investigation of @realDonaldTrump after firing of #JamesComey, media is burying the lede: What the hell was going on among senior FBI mgmt that they would presume to probe @POTUS-talk about wearing a wire & banter re #25thAmendment?