Summary of ifa

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Summary of ifa

@AgentFebs @MCPearly1 Do you have access to a tool that makes the colour more transparent? If so, try using that

@whoisheath_ Hey Heath, help's here! Could you try deleting and then reinstalling your app on your mobile device to see if that makes a difference? Info on how to do so is located here: Let us know how that works for you /BX

what if the GORL i like she's a large lesbian...??? :// 👭❣️💛

@thesingincub Was it a good fuck? If yes hit him up

Is it time for a massive protest against these camps? If so, maybe the groups capable of organizing one need to know enough of us would show. (I did the same survey last year, and over 100,000 said yes) YES = you would *definitely* show up NO = you probably wouldn't show up

To anyone trying to justify the unjustifiable here, I ask: if your child was held for days on end without access to soap, a bed, or a toothbrush, would you call it safe? Sanitary? Humane?…

The Trump Administration argues that the current treatment of detained children is perfectly acceptable. Why don't they spend a week at a facility sleeping on a concrete floor with an aluminum blanket and see if they still find it so consistent with American values?