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Summary of ifa

Having a few technical difficulties so stopped my stream for the moment trying to figure out if the problem is my end or @TwitchSupport or somewhere in between..?

If it were a black man then the whole entertainment industry would be all up in arms. Where is that same energy Hollywood?! #SurvivingCardiB #Hypocrisy #cancelcardib

Can someone tell me what the bar spacing is on a double critter nation??? I’d love to get one to split as a hamster/mouse cage but idk if its safe to use with mice or not...?

If you were asked to teach a class, what class would you teach? —…

Let me ask the President, the WH staff, the GOP, MAGA folks and Fox News: if Obama had been investigated for 22 months by a Special Counsel who submitted a lengthy report, and then AG Loretta Lynch gave a quick short interpretation of it, would you accept that?

Rees-Mogg wishes to vote again (for a third time) because the information he has access to and the circumstances have changed and he’s changed his mind. Why is this not an arguement for also putting the final deal to a public vote to assess if they agree with his change of mind?…

It's been one month since Balakot Air Strike. If No terrorist died & No damage occured, then: 1) Why that Area is still sealed by Pak Army? 2) Why Pak Media is still banned in that area? 3) Why not a single photo, video or testimony of that area has been released by Pakistan?