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Summary of ifa

@kingthomasatl @JohnFricke Not "blind" defender. If Ryan was under performing and a major part of the Falcon's problem, I would be dumping on him also. Like I dumped on Vick when HE under performed.......So, who should replace #2?

Did you have breakfast already? If not, maybe we could grab a bite together? Something healthy, of course.

@KamalaHarris And you can do better????? Better have a word with Hilary if she isn't too busy spreading lies.

@Jim_Jordan @RepMattGaetz @RepAdamSchiff @mattgaetz Well,. If you knew the law, you'd know that he was not a part of the team and therefore not allowed to participate. How are still keeping a job there with that kind of stupidity?

@angelaeagle @DavidHawker17 If u use the bus u get a ticket / holiday a passport These are things u need for a set purpose And now if u want to vote u will need to declare who TF you are 👌👌👍👍what is suppressing about tools for the job?

@ScottWamplerBMD Was this seriously going to be in the movie? I can’t tell if it’s a joke or not. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised given what made it in to that damn trash fire.

Do you get the XR PDX emails each week? We just sent out a new one this morning. Here it is online:… If you aren't getting them yet, you can sign up at We'll keep you up to date on XR & related events here locally & world-wide!

If someone asks you “where’s the L train?” And you respond “no hobla espanol..” You might be a redneck.. #youmightbearedneck

I FORGOT TO POST THIS VIDEO CRAZY MSNBC GUEST Elie Mystal said people should stand outside the homes of Trump Donors with Pitchforks & Torches What if a white Man on Fox News would’ve told people to stand outside the homes of Obama Donors with pitchforks & torches ?

A bit confused. Why hasn’t @LindseyGrahamSC issued a subpoena for Hunter Biden? Wouldn’t that clear the air? If everything he was doing was legal & ethical he has nothing to hide. Testify under perjury. Let’s go. Clear your name & your fathers. Just like @DonaldJTrumpJr did

Elizabeth Warren is running on eliminating student loan debt and cracking down on colleges Which is odd, considering she was a part of the problem: She made over $429,981 in one year at Harvard If professors really believed in socialism, why don’t they teach for free? 🤔