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So two 'Black Hebrew Israelites', an anti-Semitic & black supremacist organization, go on a murder spree at a Jewish grocery store, and this idiot claims they were 'white nationalists'. Bravo Joy, you moron!…

hey @lilmiquela, sexual assault is not “trendy” or comical. whoever is behind this stupid cgi’d e-girl persona is an idiot and we’ve had enough. this account popped up years ago and is actually monetizing their platform and making money off of queer woc and SA victims. srsly??

@JoyfullyDazed @itsJeffTiedrich @realDonaldTrump The real mob bosses in the early years didn’t behave like the Idiot in the WH. Dumb Joke Trump (DJT)

@120yearz You are a fucking idiot. If a woman is intoxicated and alone, that is a time to be chivalrous not rapey. Fuck you.

@jecroisatoi It aches and then really hurts when I put pressure on it🙄 such an idiot

@buzzman888 @JenPal4U @realDonaldTrump lol why even go? but i mean, it would be savage if he did. hilarious. "that idiot cant do anything" other than make billions, marry super models and become president 🙂

@Maryc1850Sadler @ezraklein @DemocratWit I sent out 75 postcards during the last election cycle and contributed small amounts to 4 Democrats running in the House. Trying to figure out where I can go in PA to help next year defeat the dangerous idiot.

Democrat Village Idiot Hank Johnson Wants to Impeach President Trump For *Checks Notes* - Being Too Tall (VIDEO) @CristinaLaila1… via @gatewaypundit

Gregg Popovich on Playing Time 🔊 “If you want to play, make me play you. Make it so that I’m an idiot if I don’t have you on the court.”

Breaking: idiot who causes Brexit nightmare and runs away endorses idiot who hides in fridges…