Summary of hwndu

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Summary of hwndu

You can facedox me if you watch back the HWNDU footage! This is not a shitpost!…

Deep Twitter lore: -Frogs, Egyptian gods, comfy toads -Tentacle porn -HWNDU -Nudist bodybuilders -Old books -Do you even lift? -Lucas room -Nazi Taylor Swift -Completing system of German idealism -Mindset

@VG247 The game is HWNDU: the Game.

#HWNDU went exactly as planned We didn't disrupt anything They were all paid actors Now Shia has yer dox 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 #MIGA

The Hwndu flag is still burned and there. Nice one #4chan, you got Shia le cuck to give up. Best CTF game ever!

@redpillbabe Thinking about HWNDU has me thinking about watching the Battles of Berkeley live.

Was trolling Shia LaBeouf at HWNDU one of the greatest cultural shifts in modern day history?

@woke8yearold Think of all the HWNDU flags that would go uncaptured

@mostbasicmath @Hazencruz and found a flag when the only visual clues were the sky and a couple of planes that happened to pass by I fucking love the hwndu saga