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Summary of hfboards

@SNMelRaskin… "Was at the game and talked to people near that section, said the fan was hammered and was banging on the glass all game. Was screaming at refs to get the game going. Nobody thought he was a Knights fan, just a drunk idiot."

@jmarshfof dont tell the people on HFBoards, they refuse outright to consider that ZAR isn't the worst player this team has had since tanner glass

hfboards always gives me a good laugh…

I have some peeps in my mentions thinking I created this which like ummmm fuck you??????? It’s from HFBoards.…

@420investing You have same handle on HFboards?

@4thlineVoice It gets even worse with some. When Rinaldo was with the Bruins, some 'Ladyfan' at that dumpster fire HFBoards, a Bruins season ticket holder by the way, didn't want him to do well because he was such a "dirty" player with the Flyers the years before. Can't make this shit up...

is there any way to get the guy on hfboards who would take Morgan Rielly over Seth Jones to be the new Blue Jackets GM?

@mattyports The sad thing is some where on the internet (hfboards) some brainlet is earnestly arguing this take

This is a wacky old HFBoards thread

test Twitter Media - This is a wacky old HFBoards thread

In two days I've successfully found myself banned from HFBoards because DWIDale couldn't take the heat that he dishes to everyone else, back to himself.

@insideofyoupod @michaelrosenbum I shared the episode to the Ducks Reddit, NHL Reddit, Ducks Fans FB group, and HFBoards. Keep up the good work! Great episode!

@TheDraftAnalyst @SternScouting @dadofcats @ChrHedlund What’s your problem with blogs and message boards Steve? Last i checked you both blog and frequent hfboards 🤷‍♂️

Guys, I'm telling you, it's gonna be alright. It's 2006 all over again. I'm living in Alberta but moving soon, the #oilers needed goaltending but were secretly good. Now I just join hfboards again, and we trade for 2006 verson of Dwayne Roloson (Kemper?); the Oilers will go deep

@DownGoesBrown yo, hfboards still a happening place or has everyone finally moved over to Reddit?