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Summary of hfboards

@HockeyStatMiner I mean i turn 20 in 4 weeks so according to some people on hfboards id be a vet in the NHL, trade me for picks and prospects

@coreypronman The rankings are arbitrary..i disagree with a couple of attributes of player in terms of puck handling but otherwise great read. However pretty sure I was told I couldn't rate skills in a 20 80 scale because its always been done in 1 to 5. #hfboards

@IneffectiveMath Hockey Facebook is a pit of darkness. HFBoards is where all the crazies go... Twitter is the safest place

@sunnybassi where is your HFBoards account

@seanrcampbell Orr Harvey Bourque Lidstrom Shore Potvin Robinson Kelly Chelios Heres a list some of us compiled years back, a pretty in depth ranking,…

Dude how do you think it "looks real". Some punk on hfboards probably made this in two minutes.…

@BruinsNetwork @MikeFromWoburn You know that's asking too much of "fans". I mean, just go read HFboards. Same clowns nightly with this (incorrect) opinion.

Dart Guy posted a HFBoards trade proposal lmao

@Brock_Seguin 10? Sorry I shouldn't joke about this but the Crosby for ten first round picks on HFboards is still a classic.

@starsfan24 🤣 Someone posted one of these on HFBoards as confirmed this morning

@ash_gibbsblues I’ve had multiple Devils fans on HFboards agree that it’d be a potentially solid deal for both teams.

@BoltsJolts Look at their forum on for this game.....refs, refs, refs are responsible for everything

@MoeninGlory Hey Manu, you want to do your thing for us? <3

@Owain_Thomas I remember in 2010 or 2011 every Habs on HFboards was salivating at a massive hit Jarred Tinordi made in junior - at the opposition blue line on a guy exiting the zone. The other team still got a 2on1 on the play.

@StatBoy_Steven I remember there being contention between Eichel & Barzal for a while. I even remember HFBoards threads about McDavid vs Barzal when they were playing AAA

One more snipe at before I start my boring day. HFboards logic: When Tampa gets hot, they are "unstoppable" and a lock for the Cup. When Pittsburgh gets hot, they are "peaking too soon"

@evanrawal Haha, on HFBoards, one Redwing fan likes to troll about Avs trading for Nyquist

@dak_ralter HFBoards: "But he loves Montreal and would go there for sure" 😂😂