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Summary of hfboards

@draglikepull The same is true of any HFboards poster coming up with new lines he thinks his favorite team should try.

@NHLWinnipeg if you want a good laugh, read the Connor Hellebuyck thread at hfboards, after the first couple of games.

If there’s really much to much to talk about hfboards and link bias.

@MurphysLaw74 You telling anyone to focus on not being a baby is hilarious. Remember when you signed up for HFBoards under the username TheGumperLives to troll? Haha

There's a thread on HFBoards that went from being about Jim Benning criticism to arguing that Jordan Peterson is the most revered Canadian in the world, in case you were wondering about the state of #Canucks fans at the moment. @TheStanchion @ThomasDrance

@IslesTerritory There’s a content on HFBoards for this. There’s no prize, just bragging rights. It’s still a lot of fun. Eberle is my pick.

The logic is funny here, in the media, on Reddit/HFboards and it commonly goes like this: Draisaitl is really good, but he gets to play with McDavid, so he’s actually not that good. Me: So McDavid makes him and everyone else worse?

@HoundsInsider Haven’t been on HFboards in forever. I don’t even remember what my log in name is lol

I'm gonna set up a meet and greet for HFBoards. I wouldn't mind seeing if half of you had the balls to reveal your true identity. 😂