Summary of h4ead

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Summary of h4ead

@sanjeevmit98 Indians take over 70% of all H1B visas and over 90% of H4EAD visas by conservative estimates. Therefore these visas benefit india and indians disproportionately. So, yes, these are effectively india-first giveaways at the severe detriment of American workers.

@russes @tam8ta @FrankDC17 @thejackofall @ansari4821 @SagarYogendra @AmyInNHTheReal1 @OslundArthur Actually it’s going “Beyond agile”. Everyone should develop. Finally this will clean up Telugu housewives on QA jobs, manual testers & most of the bogus Indian spontaneous IT avatars aka #H4EAD highly skilled dev/testers.

@realDonaldTrump President @realDonaldTrump , Please help save Lower & Middle Class American Jobs from the fake and fraudulent OPT, H1B, H4EAD and L1 Visa Holders.…

@USCIS @DHSgov @SenateDems @GOP @SpeakerPelosi Please kindly help protect Middle-Class American Jobs and prevent OPT, H1B, H4EAD and L1 Visa Fraud.

@newtgingrich @KathiAngelone @realDonaldTrump Your Republican Hindu Coalition pushes unlimited H1B and H4EAD visas for indian citizens. Seeks to line own pockets and do indian govt’s bidding by lobbying for india first bills like #HR1044 and #S386 -destroying job opportunities for American workers and US STEM grads forever.