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White House Extends 100,000 Work Permits for H-1B Wives from India Donald Trump, Economy, H-1B, H4ead, Immigration, India, migration, OPT, Politics, US News, visa worker

@MattKolodziej The White House should act faster to end (or, at least, curtail) the #H1B Visa program. Of course, Work Permits for spouses of H1B Visa holders should never have been given, and those Work Permits ought to now be revoked. (#H4EAD). [@RealDonaldTrump; @POTUS; @USCISCuccinelli].

@NeilMunroDC @KevinGarssia @h4ead The #POTUS & Congress are working together under CEOs’ directives. In other words, they are doing what Corporate America is telling them to do. It’s just a capitalism. Profits is king.

@NeilMunroDC @h4ead Worker taking reporting job from American reporting on jobs being taken from Americans

@NeilMunroDC @h4ead This infuriates me. My college graduate son in FINANCE cannot find a job in his field, even as a beginning salary. TRUMP needs to keep his word and get rid of these visas that are stealing middle class professional college graduate jobs from US born citizens.

Donald Trump's OMB again delays promised end of Obama's @H4EAD work permits for 100K spouses of 800K H-1B visa-workers who take jobs from American college grads. Big giveaway to pro-Dem Silicon Valley investors though T. needs more whte-collr votes in 2020

IMPT: The H4EAD rule gives nearly 100,000 spouses of high-skilled immigrants the ability to work once they're approved--but waiting for--their green card. The Trump administration and its allies are pushing ahead to kill this and take away their ability to work in the US. --->…

NEW: DHS says the release of its proposal to end the #H4EAD program won't come out until at least spring 2020, and that's "aspirational."…