Summary of guncontrol

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Summary of guncontrol

This is infuriating to read. The Director of the FBI said just last month that White Nationalism is one of the single biggest threats facing America. #GunControlNow #GunControl…

@Spence_74 @MHZgraphics @deathdragon007 @schotts I know, but it's the hope that someone will read it and realize that #GunControl doesn't work. It does little to stop criminals and restricts the law-abiding.

Criminals don't obey #GunControl laws. Losing the Second Amendment, Law by Law #GunRights #2ndAmendment

I find it interesting that carrying a knife in public is regulated by blade length, type of knife, and whether or not it can be concealed. Where's the NKA? Surely we can get open carry for broadswords #nra #GunControl #regulation #GunViolence

The Constitution does NOT bar strong gun laws — and federal courts have upheld bans on assault weapons under #2A. A lack of political will, a broken Senate and corrupt campaign finance system are responsible for the lack of #GunControl.

@KamalaHarris I realize you became the AG for California because you screwed a married man but FFS, there's no way you are THAT ignorant of the LAW. You are INTENTIONALLY LYING to push Bloomberg's #guncontrol agenda

Dear @CNN, @MSNBC, @ABC, @NBCNews and even @FoxNews, Why do you NEVER discuss how many Americans are ALIVE because they used a firearm to protect their life or the life of a loved one? Some studies show over 1 million defensive uses of guns each year. NOT RELEVANT? #GunControl