Summary of gradcafe

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Summary of gradcafe

From #Reddit: GradCafe Admission Results By Institution/Program/Status/Date[OC] via /r/dataisbeautiful

Rain or shine, stop by GRADcafé to celebrate our fun Black History Celebration with us! #blackhistorymonth

@hkawrites gradcafe is the best of friends and the worst of friends tbh

people REALLY have to stop posting on gradcafe with random comments & questions about schools. you guys. if I see the name of a school I'm waiting for my heart shall join the stars and may not return for a fortnight.

(Thanks to @communistkaka for patrolling GradCafe while I'm asleep and telling me about the last one.)

Check gradcafe while waiting for results. How much do I hate myself!

@lu_sitania Tell me more about this GradCafe?

Grad schools so far: Rejected: -UNC -Yale Wait list: -UPenn Accepted: -CUNY based on gradcafe it looks like Toronto and Pitt (two of my remaining tops) have already begun the courting process for first choices, radio silence on my end ☹️ Still holding out though, wish me luck.

@whichwitch__ im lurking through twitter because i haven't quite satisfied my suffering via gradcafe and thestudentroom - feeling your pain very much

@HJP_Armstrong according to gradcafe and thestudentroom defs not - more dphil offers than anything but the eng faculty seems to be dragging its way along which is fine

fuck me someone got accepted onto an oxford english mst TODAY and i am STRESSED because this means they are probably beginning to send out decisions for my course too and i am berating myself for ever looking on gradcafe

i learned about GradCafe & am both grateful and terrified

There are now 3 posts of admission and people on the MFA Draft/gradcafe pages are losing it and I just jumped when I got an email from one of my Tolkien group members. We’re not freaking out at all.