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Summary of gmm

Some personal news: GMM does not converge

@LW_GMM_SPN Thats the way gmm makes me feel alot! Thats why i like them so much. I dont laugh openly easily but for some reason, these 2 dudes make it easy. Today I was struggling to breathe bc how much I was laughing

Whilst I was watching today’s #GMM, I thought it was weird that @rhettmc and @linklamont couldn’t touch their noses with their tongues anymore. They did it in their older video “Things Most Humans Can’t Do (TEST)”! They need to practice their tongue exercises @rhettandlink

Did they just flirt at graveyard sksksksk thank you gmm for the spoilers #เชงเม้งEP8

Truly honored that YOU helped us to win this year's People's Voice @TheWebbyAwards for #GMM as the best Variety Series, and #EarBiscuits for Best Hosts. We (literally) could not have done this without your support, and for that, we're grateful.

After today's GMM, I now travel with my own pillow and hazmat suit.

Calling all Mythical Beasts! We need to hear all about the weird toppings you put on your ice cream. Send us your best and/or strangest topping preferences, and you may see them pop up on a future GMM 🍨👀🍨