Summary of gh

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Summary of gh

Good #GH promo, looks action packed AND Chase might actually be a real detective for once! *fingers crossed*…

Nor bi problem.…

@SoapJenn The only way Sam going to prison will be palatable for me is if it leads to Peter's death or permanent incarceration. #GH

Oh shatta why ? 💀…

"Sam's about to go to prison because of me!" #GH

BREAKING NEWS: From the way things are going, the winds of “ ME TOO” are about to blow in GH. WATCH THIS SPACE

#AareyPolitics Did You Know - 73K+ of petitions for Save Aarey came from outfit in Blr - Tree cover in Mumbai up frm 19.17L in 08 to 29.75L in 18 - Trees Cut is 2% of total in Aarey - Metro will reduce 6.5L vehicle trips per day - Avoid Co2+other GH gases emission by 99L kg p.a