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Summary of gencon

Don't play games with your Career.inners Circle with Jobvite, Inc.. Jobvite, Inc. is looking for Team Lead.@jobvite @jencon #gamer #gencon #job

Here's a brief excerpt from the trailer, a game created by James M. Ward, 20 year #TSR veteran & @SEDart4 thanks to #gamedesign legend Kim Eastland & @wunderfilled. A real #scifi #cosplay #fantasy #rpg dream 👁️ it 1st @ #GenCon

Wanna learn how to play games online with Roll20 or find out how you can sell games/art in our marketplace as a creator? Then check out the panels we’re hosting at @Gen_Con this year!

@jfwong @thumbelulu @thefarewell @awkwafina @tzima8 It is not playing anywhere even close to me until the week of GenCon, where I'll be gone. Then it won't be around afterward. So annoyed!! I'll have to buy it when it comes out on Blu-Ray/Digital...