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Summary of gamora

should i change my layout to hope, gamora, or carol? help me i had this layout for three months i guess and i'm gonna be active again so

Picked this awesome Gamora Pop! up from bm_stores stores a few weeks ago, to complete the set (Post Coming Soon!) ================================== Tags: originalfunko guardiansofthegalaxy @telltalegames…

Gamora could go n especially if the movie is spent looking for 2014 Gamora…

@knjscyphers yes, exactly! loki branched out lmao, I will never forgive mcu if they permanently kill loki just like that. meanwhile, gamora??? the gamora we had at the end was the 2014 gamora, right? she's probably somewhere alone in the galaxy. she has no friends at the present 😂

& Gamora herself asked him to kill her. True true sucker…

@adrestiaot7 Ikr?!?!?? I mean back in time cant alter the present, but rather creates a new branch in d timeline so there is still hope It's been months but I am still thinking where TF is gamora??? Did she nope out of the warzone bcos in no way she turned to dust as well

@shuckzimtoomuch I love her character development. I've grown to love her and I want to see her rship grow wit Gamora. ♥️

@YourBoswell *pats* I get it. I definitely didn't expect it and wished both Gamora and Nebula got closure with him. Or something. But Thor going for the head definitely is a win for me😅

@Nitaa_xo Uh all the humans before Noah’s flood, the people of sodom and gamora, the Egyptian first born babies, all the sacrifices god ordered, etc etc. read your Bible it’s full of god canceling things because they said, did, or burnt the wrong incense on the wrong day. Try again.