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Summary of fuckdonaldtrump

He’s a criminal thats why #fuckdonaldtrump @realDonaldTrump 🖕🏽 you…

And just for the record...To each and every person who voted for @realDonaldTrump thinking you’ll just shake up things a bit....FUCK YOU!! #fuckdonaldtrump #fuckrepublicans #fuckthegop #fuckalabama #fuckallyall #fuckyou

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and you’re a Cheeto lookin ass bitch @realDonaldTrump #FuckDonaldTrump…

@Oapostrophe33 @JSemerko @4YrsToday 😆😂NoBody loves him...well i mean you & the base(the political Minority), but Nobody that actually matters or retains information likes or approves of Donald Trump. Youve been whipped by the idiot stick a few too many times!!! #FuckDonaldTrump

I pass exactly that same spot they’re at every time I go to Mexico and I feel my heart in my gut every time it sucks that you have to go through all of that just to see your family, all we can do is pray. #fuckdonaldtrump…

@realDonaldTrump Order the investigations, bitch. You keep whining and bitching about the same old shit over, and over again. Why don't you do something about them!?!?! Oh yeah, because it's all #bullshit. #FuckDonaldTrump

Gym Jordan is a complete, total, fucking idiot ass little bitch boy for Donald Pig Fucking Trump. Gym Jordan is a motherfucking asshole. #fuckgymjordan #fuckjimjordan #fuckdonaldtrump

@realDonaldTrump What the fuck is the matter with you, man!?!? #DonaldTrump is a giant fucking asshole. Biggest fucking asshole in the history of this country. #ImmatureTrump #TrumpIsAPussy #TrumpIsAClown #FuckDonaldTrump

I finally watched #WhenTheySeeUs on netflix. Bloody hell that was amazing. The things those men went through is just insane. Oh and #FuckDonaldTrump, this somehow made me hate him even more.

How long before Roger Stone “commits suicide” in prison? Also, after the impeachment, does Dump go to prison? I feel like the possibilities are endless! #maketheworldabetterplace #FuckDonaldTrump

So Chris Stewart just tried to point out that Marie "has no proof of bribery" but then argues TRUMP WAS RIGHT TO ASK FOR A FAVOUR IN THE NAME OF CORRUPTION 😂 the GOP really out here making fools of Americans #ImpeachmentHearing #FuckDonaldTrump #Ukraine #AdamSchiff