Summary of dwatchseries

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Summary of dwatchseries

@rosaalieee They got the new new stuff (legacies) on justa heads up for anyone who’s into the spinoffs

@lmao__hannah But there is also a channel on yt that uploads them in a day or two. Season 7 episode 8 was the last one 😉

@TheGreat_Natsby Not out yet. Coming 18 March. I’m sure it will be on putlocker or dwatchseries

// 👀 It’s actually really good and better than Riverdale in terms of plot and character development, surprisingly. (I also recommend you should read the comics!!!) You can watch it here !……

// It’s this show about teenagers assassins set in the 80’s! Annnnd here’s a link:… . I recommend you should also read the comics as they’re really cool!!! 😔✨…

@ScienceFaustus Jsjsjsj bueno, los links los busco en dwatchseries, quiero decir

@jorr_hey dwatchseries is my go-to site for episodes