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Summary of dunkirk

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I often find it amusing as to how many ardent, fear nothing, Dunkirk spirit, no deal brexiteers, suddenly soil themselves at the mention of a Corbyn led government, all the chest puffing goes out of the window. It's like they wouldn't believe in Britian under those circumstances.

@Rakpenguin63 @AndyRic52729829 @Baddiel My Grandad was at Dunkirk. Never spoke about it. The only time I remember him speaking about his army service was when I was little and looking at the tattoos of saucy ladies he had on his arms he had had done as a young soldier in India. Told me to never get any.

@AnithaPrabhakar Can try if not done already.. Following, memento, batman series, Dunkirk .. 😅 all Quinton tarentino movies.. Predestination, curious case of Benjamin button, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind..

remember that dunkirk bts with shirtless fionn yeah good olg days bless those who took it yum — wh— ma’am is that a thing…

@Daniel01572966 Whose conflating now? I commented on Dunkirk. You twisted it into India. Churchil said it’s because they mates like rabbits and should be able to take care of themselves. (Which isnt very moral) He did however solicit US for assistance in India.

@W92Baj @Baddiel you won nothing the British almost did not get out of Dunkirk only for Japan attacking pearl harbour and the Soviets crushing the Nazis over 3 years you would be saying, Heil Hitler Britain won the war such a laugh

Charles Emerson Beecher (American paleontologist) Born: Dunkirk, France Date of birth: 1856-10-09…

test Twitter Media - Charles Emerson Beecher (American paleontologist) 
Born: Dunkirk, France
Date of birth: 1856-10-09

I’m in Dunkirk... I love being in these historical WW2 sites. It really just makes me feel grateful to be in these parts to bring music not violence ... even though times are fuckin cray right now...

One of Scotland's leading film actors, Jack Lowden, has claimed it has become "beyond embarrassing" that the nation still does not have a major film studio.

Had a good long chat with my 95 year old Auntie Meg today. We discussed the experiences that defined my grandfather: Dunkirk, and taking his little brother to the cinema and realising that the couple in front was their father and his mistress.

Big budget WW2 film, said to be China's Dunkirk -- ragtag Chinese heroes holding back overpowering Japanese forces for 4 days while the rest of the army retreats -- censored last minute possibly because it depicts, well, the rest of the army retreating.…