Summary of dramafire

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Summary of dramafire

@92seyeon… idk if u knew this but a suicide takes place,, its kinda graphic in ep 2 just a warnin

@fleureese I downloaded the Indo sub 😅 If you want eng sub maybe you can try kissasia or dramafire? not sure if those site still working, it's been a long time since I watched a drama with English sub

@akanemnida hahahahah i bear with it. dami din ads sa dramafire actuallyyy.!

@akanemnida i usually watch in but the subs are faster in

@gunderwood3 You mean the websites we use? It depends. Some of us download the raw version, then overlay it with subs provided by subbers. Some watch it on places like kissasian, kseries, or dramafire. Some pay for services like Netflix or Viki.

the right after woke up i checked on dramafire and GOD SKYCASTLE 15 IS OUT ALREADY

@Elehn71 Either dramafire or dramabus if it's working. Are you watching it too? It's quite good!