Summary of doublelift

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Summary of doublelift

@VaporaDark Meanwhile Doublelift has 10 vs Kobbe's 5, 3 being on Veigar and DL playing ADC only

Doinb interviews remind me of Doublelift interviews, I see why he is such a well liked player in the LPL #Worlds2019

Anyone else see the TSM Midlane announcement? I want to see Bjerg surrounded by talent like what Team Liquid did this past season with Doublelift.

My coworker is telling me about #LeagueOfLegends and having me watch the Stories behind some of the people on YouTube and jfc the Story of Doublelift is so sad ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜‚ heโ€™s over here geeking out and heโ€™s so happy to talk to me about it

@blaustoise @TLDoublelift You thank doublelift for the rec, but dont give me credit for filming this masterpiece?

@darkinblade_ Lunar Wraith Kobbe Warring Kingdoms Cody Sun God King Rekkles Pizza Delivery Sneaky Arcade Doublelift Blood Moon Perkz


@leena_xu Doublelift has a point to exit worlds early ๐Ÿ‘€

@VarkedBaby we get it your the budget doublelift

@MarcMerrill @LeagueOfLegends The story of Doublelift, how he rose to the throne. His start at lan tournaments that got him to CLG than to TSM and finally to TL. He managed to win championship in three different teams and now he is competing at the highest level on the biggest tournament. #League10

I'm excited to see Doublelift vs Tokido!!!

the best performing lcs players so far have been doublelift and licorice good to see that the native players are doing well but C9 and TL will both have to play a lot better in week two if they want to advance usually na ends week 1 strong not this year