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Summary of doublelift

@DabuzSenpai I think Doublelift might be the best TL player

@JacobWolf @Sneaky @Cloud9 You’re leaving out a lot of details about the sneaky thing like did you even see what doublelift and what sneaky said about the situation?

@JacobWolf @Thooorin @Sneaky @Cloud9 Cloud 9 absolutely did nothing wrong but I am shocked no one picked him up for the brand value he has alone, being beaten by Doublelift doesn't make you bad. NA resident, consistent and stable, looking across the rest of the teams there is no way he should be out of a job imo

Doublelift has CoCo. It’s over for you Chatime and Gongcha drinkers.…

@DDEmberz @rafalul @JacobWolf @Sneaky @Cloud9 "Sneaky brings a lot more to the table than basically any adc other than Doublelift. " LOL imagine thinking this

@rafalul @JacobWolf @Sneaky @Cloud9 Sneaky brings a lot more to the table than basically any adc other than Doublelift. He is very likely too expensive for a mid of the pack team spending so much money on a mediocre top laner.

@JacobWolf @Sneaky @Cloud9 I don’t know shit but as a c9 fan from the clips I saw I got the impression that c9 and more so the other players on c9 screwed one over a vet who had proven his worth he had one bad year and they just jump ship. Doublelift the best NA has to offer even said sneaky is better

happy birthday to Jackson "'Dabbed on Doublelift' '@Pabu22' 'objectively better than Faker and Rookie'" Pavone and best wishes my dude, may soloqueue forever be in your favour 🎉♥️

@lolesports Doublelift to finally make it in quarters/ maybe semis at Worlds, Fnatic to reverse sweep G2 in spring but losing in playoffs semis in summer. G2 to dominate Europe again but failing in semis at worlds

@FNATIC @RekklesLoL Perkz or Doublelift, obviously

@lolesports A player born in North America not named Doublelift wins LCS MVP

Operation "Kill The Real DoubleLift" is a go, and keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen, that I'm up against the real DoubleLift here.

@lolesports Doublelift finally makes it out of worlds group stage

@lolesports Doublelift will make it out of groups at Worlds 2020

@lolesports The year is 2020. Flyquest win the spring split. CLG wins summer along with GGS and 100T going to worlds. Doublelift transferred to IMT mid season before coming to GGS. GGS and CLG make it out of groups. They are the world finals. Who wins tho.