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Summary of dolar

@hodakatebi This is one of workers winning story. You went here and met with worker in July.…

#Dolarhoy del 13-12-19: Promedio $ 63.23 / BNA $ 63.00 / Blue $ 66.25 /

test Twitter Media - #Dolarhoy del 13-12-19: Promedio $ 63.23 / BNA $ 63.00 / Blue $ 66.25 /

never had a real dolar never had a bitchhhh

@ndtv wife endows ask president india moussa hama bilionairy.dolar 1lady.ask job.solde defi speaktv child prodige..

10:01 Bitstamp: USD 7.216,56 BTC: ARS 479.901,24 [-2.53% 24hs] Dolar Informal: ARS 66,50 Dolar Bitcoin CM: ARS 71,90 [-1.87% 24hs] fee Tx: 2 sat/vB fee Tx media: USD 0,07

@CryptoJ215 @AndrewP47809396 @BabaCugs look into the derivatives market quadrillion dolar market cap, the problem xrp is solving has about 1.4 quadrillion in total volume annually. so im sure a triilion can come out of some of those.

As of December 12, 2019 at 10:20AM, 1 USD equals 4.0903 BRL. #dolar

@MdUbaida @IraqSurveys that is anticipated No 1 thinks it is only 200 million $ Billions looted when Iraq was relinquished to iran & to him directly though he is dead since 2005 =>…

@Jaberuski The Dolar Shop Chinese Hot Pot Cashmere Jacket Bowl