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Summary of cwcki

@cosmokinetic @hornyaboutpits @CWCSonichu >bigoted excuse me, but what in the fuck are you talking about? I am simply saying that Chris puts out this facade of kindness and sanity over the internet to attract a "sweetheart" or to get money from people.……

@cosmokinetic @CWCSonichu Did you not see what he has done? Calling him 'kind' is like calling Hitler a rabbi.……… And look at all the individuals that Chris has sent death threats to:… Please reconsider.

@tarastrong @FLOTUS It is so bad-off that the abuse is pretty much chronicled on the Internet. All one has to do is Google my name, and not only the Cwcki (under new management), but the worst of the articles, memes of me and so forth show up. #NoMore

@smelly_lotion why are on the cwcki. WHYYYY

Front page of cwcki did not disappoint today

test Twitter Media - Front page of cwcki did not disappoint today

@IsThanos @CWCSonichu @OriginalFunko I think it’s in the pet section of the CWCki. Basically the neighbors dog ran away and entered Chris’ property, so Barb combined Chris to keep it. Neighbors came and Chris wouldn’t let go of the dog, but thankfully, he did.

Further reminder: The name of the website comes from the creator attempting to recreate the way a person with Down syndrome would pronounce its original name- CWCki Forum, named in turn for a wiki dedicated to stalking an autistic trans woman whose initials are CWC. Charming no?

Damn. He deleted the tweets. I'm sure plenty of people Archived it on

@EorzeanPaladin @CWCSonichu It all started when this dude known as the idea guy on kiwi frams was roll playing with chris saying that cartoon are real and stuff it's long story but all after all was said and done chris is now mess up in the head to know look it up on the cwcki.

@TheOnlyShamma @FranzTomato @Dingle22008115 @CWCSonichu @NintendoAmerica There are documentries on yt the cwcki and other ways to get lots if info on chris. After all he probobly is the most documented person in history.