Summary of cwcki

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Summary of cwcki

@RazzarTG @MrZoroaster @DunHamDotCom @CPU_CWCSonichu I don’t like that “CWCki” it’s an awful troll site!

@CarrieKrueger17 @MrZoroaster @DunHamDotCom @CPU_CWCSonichu If you want to help Christine, you shouldn’t have gotten involved in the first place. Your a group that feed her delusions of the merge in a attempt at.... what? Being noted on the cwcki, to tell your friends you epically trolled Chris.

@BlueWolfee Sorry it took so long to get back to you. The #CWCVilleCivilWar started as a civil war inside of CWCVille. The plan originally was to make a sonichu comic or for some "get onto the cwcki". The plan then had people "finding" sonichu artifacts and fighting cwcville police...

@Mendinso CWCki Forums What happened was interest in CWC dwindled after around 2011-2012 and new lolcows came on board, like DSP

|| I have so much useless knowledge from the CWCki in my head, not going to lie.

@NintenbroMelon @newliquidchris @CPU_CWCSonichu i think you can find low quality rips on the Cwcki

@DevineLemon @CPU_CWCSonichu Search it up on the cwcki, you are a wannabe troll who pretends to be friends with Chris but you aren’t funny or clever and ur just a bit of a prick