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Summary of cruz

@Tsubasa2120 29km from the center of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and i can't even put a dmn router 'cause the signal just don't reach here

@patrickhwillems Does Vera Cruz in "The Skin I Live In" count?

@HoarseWisperer Al Franken on Ted Cruz. The guy who puts fish in the microwave

Hyundai Santa Cruz compact pickup confirmed -

test Twitter Media - Hyundai Santa Cruz compact pickup confirmed -

@KerithBurke @loganmmurdock Sta Cruz is much healthier.Bring them in.

tried to pull some important documents out of my bag at work but pulled my d&d folder out instead. the sheet for my ted cruz character fell on the conference table and now everybody calls me lion ted

In Santiago, #Chile, yet another Catholic church is attack. This time, the parish of Vera Cruz, one of the oldest ones in the country construction completed in 1857. This is at least the fifth Catholic Church attacked/vandalized in the past few days. (A thread).

Remember back in 2016 how Nikki Haley, Ben Sasse, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Susan Collins (and even Lindsey Graham) were going to be those Republicans who stood up to Donald Trump? How'd that work out...

Nikki Haley says Trump never lies: Obama's birth certificate a fraud Ted Cruz's dad helped kill JFK Mexico will pay for my wall I'll release my tax returns Largest inauguration ever I have no ties to Russia I never paid Stormy Daniels No quid pro quo with Ukraine Yeah, right.…