Summary of creepshots

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Summary of creepshots

@CANCEL_SAM @bwolman Rudy used to do creepshots at church while his Daddy was breaking legs

@sachimcbelle @Ishikawa_Sachi I still don't know how he hasn't been arrested yet, coming back everytime with a new account and free to roam, proud of his creepshots, despite being DANGEROUS and reported each time. (Last time I heard of his shots was 2 years ago, but he didn't change considering his tweets)

@p3p3p1g @Skeppy LMAO do u just take creepshots of every guy you see who looks kinda like zak

@chibitech hahaha that seems like a solid rule. and calling out harassers and creepshots when you see them is badass on top of that, and likely something they don't see coming. thanks for explaining, I appreciated learning more through your perspective

@KittenBellNSFW I forgot to add on voyeurism and creepshots. >.>;

@rkinky1 Hmu if you wanna trade creepshots got more vids and pics #horny #creepshot #candid

test Twitter Media - @rkinky1 Hmu if you wanna trade creepshots got more vids and pics #horny #creepshot #candid

ill just get devi to take a bunch of creepshots of me when im not paying attention and then put a bunch of scary shapes an words over it

@ambivalentbitch Just takin creepshots like a sane person.

@Bentatorship @Grummz What an entitled chump. Sorry the oppression of millions is getting in the way of your chance to take creepshots of cosplayers.

@foodician nice way to show youre taking creepshots

@BunkiePerkins and that one talk radio guy who took creepshots of me