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Summary of chatterbate

FTR. I never went to law school. I have 0 experience in politics. I’m not even sure who’s releasing a report or what it’s even about. With that said, my expertise services are available for tomorrow. So hit me up CNN and I’ll give you my chatterbate handle for a video segment.

I'm considering trying Chatterbate in about an hour or two. Cum say hi if you would like. It'll be a little different than MFC.

@iilluminaughtii @FilmOddities @Bowblax Send feet pictures right off the bad and invite him to a chatterbate call he wont call back.

@sleevedbikerx @itsdivynes I don't think it's about the gender of the person or having thick or thin skin. It's a legitimate issue. The idea that anyone thinks it's okay to treat another human being this way is the problem. If an individual wanted to be treated like porn they would be on chatterbate.

I dated a chick whos ex husband spent $280 on Chatterbate a week. She dealt with that for a year. She was BEAUTIFUL but this dude would rather pay chicks online to strip smfh

Running late tonight. I'll be getting online in about 10 min #cammodel #Chatterbate #cam #camguy

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@TheDocileDame @MarkServage @EgSophie In between “chatterbate” sessions of course, if you still have the energy.

@lavolta1 @TSM_THump You could fuck your mom on chatterbate

@alicelevinecam hello I'm not sure if you'll see this but I'm sotwhatsis from chatterbate I was just chatting to you now and it was really nice and you are exceptionally beautiful, thank you so much

@rnovak99 @DumbGuzzler @redlobster My sphincter was making that noise from the recent chatterbate show for 3 days!