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Summary of changethechannel

@ZehalCrochelune @MovieReviewsBoi Look up changethechannel and the drama from that, it’s really hard to top that without just flat out doing something illegal and getting arrested, and we’d know kf Game Theory or CinemaSins fucked up THAT bad.

@Mpls4Pete Oh yes, DJT’s tactics are dirty. He doesn’t have policies so he is trying to win on division and hate. #DivisionAndHateNotInMyState #ChangeTheChannel #WinTheEra #PeteButtigieg2020

#InsteadOfDissingTrump campaign for your candidate of choice. Do not give him your time and attention, instead direct it toward the person you’d like to see in the White House. #ChangeTheChannel #TeamPete

@RyanLeger2 @ChannelAwesome @AngryJoeShow @ZackSnyder angry joe severed ties with channel awesome after the #ChangeTheChannel movement... I don't think its gonna happen with him...

It can be tough out there on social media, but if you’re on #TeamPete, please read the PFA Rules of the Road. We can immediately begin to #ChangeTheChannel by modeling a kinder, brighter, more positive, and more inclusive politics and discourse.…