Summary of cdan

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Summary of cdan

@karenricks Hoffman is a big mouth know it all hedge fund asshole who has no idea what the word conspiracy means. He supports CDAN but supports none of the blinds. He's a total contradiction and has been harmful to the truth.

@IceColdMe Back door. It's funny because of a CDAN article a few days ago about why a certain celebrity ex keeps hooking up with her.

CDAN reveal - Jenny McCarthy about to start selling something lame to her fans. Will it be Giftscriptions or some more of the canned mixed drinks?…

@misch9898 Tammy needs to see that CDAN link. Emphasis on the credibility of the author (even investigative journalists praise him). Several doctors are on record saying congenital stenosis does NOT go asymptomatic then suddenly strike 12 years later. Studied immunology myself, can confirm.

@steveouttrim @JoeWalker_WM @OliversWilde @ruseriousrtnw @SaRaAshcraft @DrDannielle @Tiff_FitzHenry @StormIsUponUs @Dbender22 @GeorgiaOrwell3 @VeganMikey @benszemkus @99freemind CDAN is alluding to the judge being bought and allowing certain things to come out to twist and embarrass the victim, so the case will be dismissed. I gather that’s why no’s about to vanish.

@NSA_QIL2 She was a member of the group over at v/pizzagate. Andrew Breitbart (arkancided over commentary regarding Podesta). Vince Foster (arkancide). Vic Marrow? (Spielcided for wanting to expose pedowood?). Anissa Jones? (CDAN implied Spielcided).