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Summary of cdan

#CDAN #Podcast - tomorrow night. Enty, @entylawyer and I return with more #TrueCrime - Of course he goes on to solve it ALL, because he's perfect. Catch up on episodes! +He has the Velvet Mafia ep in the hopper. OMG. SO good. Better sign up!!!

@BrooklynYenta @NatalieFKaye Being a Brit I wasn’t aware of Wendy but she got on my radar via CDAN. So I went back and watched some YouTube stuff! Poor women! You can see the unraveling! She must have a strong network to be able to come out fighting! I really do admire her!

#CDAN⭐️#Podcast Ep 216 - *FREE BRITNEY* - Enty @entylawyer explores the #FreeBritney hashtag and whether she is really being held against her will. #gossip #britneyspears #celebrity #goss

@inscaryisland @EllaMacavoy @bravo Oh thank you! That puts it all into light. The item from CDAN was so publicised and the talk was that the story was, without a doubt, true. When I saw Rinna parading Julianne I was shocked and questioned one particular source - she was gobsmacked. But THIS explains it.