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Let's get this straight. You can't indict or sue a sitting president because of all of his important responsibilities. But it's okay...…

@AbbyDobby @CBSNews The top half of earners pay over 66% of tax revenue. The top 1% pays 40%. You make me sick.

@mog7546 @CNN @ABC @NYTIMES @WASHINGTONPOST @MSNBC @CBSNEWS @FOXNEWS DAMN is another Black person about to win? Is Bernie Black and didn't tell us! We know Joe is a very cool dude. But he ain't Black! Oh! President Obama running again! McConnell loves to block Black people. JOE IS WHITE!

@CBSNews Kerry is a traitor and Aoc... Well yeah....

test Twitter Media - @CBSNews Kerry is a traitor and Aoc... Well yeah....

One of the most popular Korean pop groups in the world is the boy band known as @bts_twt Seven young men between the ages of 21 & 26 who consider themselves family, who've trained, composed music & grown up together - are the biggest names in music today

.@bts_twt , the kings of K-Pop Selling out stadiums across the globe, topping the Billboard charts, and landing on Time magazine's Most Influential People List - it's the South Korean boy band's time