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@badsha_mukherji @CBSNews I thought I was the only one seeing him 😂😂

@CBSNews Now everyone can swim in an Italian fountain!

@CBSNews The only reason he got it is because of the war of words with his filthy wife and DJT. I’m surprised with all of the movements these days, that they are even allowed to have such a thing. Isn’t it sexist? What about the women who identify as men? Were they considered?

@WutDTShouldSay @SteveV23953113 @GStephanopoulos @GMA @ABC @CBSNews You've got that backwards. The sham impeachment is the distraction.

Supreme Court DACA case: Young undocumented immigrants known as DREAMers turn to SCOTUS to block Trump from ending program - CBS News - November 12, 2019 at 01:00AM - Deportation Defense in New York & New Jersey Call +1 917 994 9118 -…

WATCH: Shocking video shows people wading through more than 4 feet of water in Venice, Italy, during floods that left the city's historic basilica and many of its squares underwater.

"Black Panther" actor Bambadjan Bamba, a DACA recipient himself, urges for a pathway to citizenship for the so-called "Dreamers" outside the Supreme Court. "We do everything in this nation."

In Cedar Rapids, @JulianCastro tells @CBSNews "we can't say to black women oh thank you, thank you, you are the ones empowering our victories," and "then turn around and start our nominating contests in the two states that have barely any black people in them."