Summary of calexit

calexit talks about

Summary of calexit

We are more likely to be shipped off to summer camp than see a calexit…

@JackPosobiec We just had a shoot out at the Border. 2 Chinese men killed, entering the US illegally. Not surprising. They deserve each other. #Commifornia #Calexit

“We’re Number 50!” In Friendliness to Business, California Comes in Last Place… #calexit

This article can help put some things into perspective We need @realDonaldTrump for such a time as this....Thank you God, thank you. Vote #Trump2020 to #KAG…

This is kinda the reason I'll pull for trump come 2020. WE need to enrage blue america as much as possible. It's literally the only chance of #calexit or other things. We need them angry and willing to abandon the flag and the empire.…

@hollandcourtney I really wish the CalExit movement would gain some traction.

@DavidOAtkins The first thing that happens in CalExit is California loses access to the Colorado River. Second, all patents held by Apple/Google etc are rendered void. Technology centers are set up in other states by Washington DC. Good bye Silicon Valley.

@adamjohnsonNYC @CarlBeijer The first thing that would happen if there was CalExit is all the patents held by Google/Apple/ etc would be rendered void. Technological centers would be set up in other states with backing from Washington DC. Goodbye Silicon Valley.

@realDonaldTrump And here's Eugene Scalia, on his way to the Rose Garden.

@NEIndependence I agree! it is time to leave the disaster known as the United States and seek real freedom. #FreeNewEngland #FreeTheBear #Calexit #Minnexit #Cascadia #LeftCoastExit #HiExit #NewEngExit #Texit