Summary of benghazi

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Summary of benghazi

@JuliaDavisNews Was this part of the deal @realDonaldTrump? Looking forward to comments from @Jim_Jordan, @RepMarkMeadows, and @SteveScalise attributing this to Benghazi, Obama, or Hunter Biden.

@twmentality1 Reminder: this is EXACTLY what the GOP did with Benghazi. Issa also notoriously withheld witness testimony that destroyed his desired narrative, and selectively leaked out of context snippets that helped him with his propaganda spin.

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton lawyers battle @JudicialWatch in federal court to derail effort to question her under oath on emails AND Benghazi. New testimony shows she and her top staff warned repeatedly!……

Had Jim Jordan showed up for more than a couple of them he’d know his Benghazi committee interviewed nearly 60 State Department witnesses in the same location and barred non-members from attending.…

Remember when Republicans held 33 hearings to "investigate" Benghazi? Everyone knew it was all to smear Hillary, but the Obama admin still complied w/ every singe subpoena — Hillary even testified for 11 hours. Why? Because they had nothing to hide & respected the rule of law.