Summary of bdubs

bdubs talks about

Summary of bdubs

It is insane to me that there are real people that willingly choose bdubs over mst

I want some bdubs 😕 all flats extra hot and extra wet 😋

i start Bdubs tomorrow and i’ll be working with some of my closest friends and i CANT WAIT

I’ve been trying to eat right but a medium traditional with medium sauce extra wet from bdubs sounds like heaven rn ☹️

*sighs deeply bc I want bdubs*

Hi friends come see me at bdubs in new Caney bc it’s so slow and I’m bored 🙁

I really want bdubs 🥺

@LogicalGeekBoy wow, just saw BDubs’ personal rely ronyour donation. Now that’s pretty cool! 😁

@BdoubleO100 Welcome Back Bdubs! Great Episode as always!

@BdoubleO100 So overjoyed to see you back Bdubs! The editing was super cool and I love what you're doing with the new area already. Welcome back 💙

Soo when does Bdubs open back up?