Summary of bdubs

bdubs talks about

Summary of bdubs

it’s too early for me to be craving BDUBS

It’s not even 9am and I want bdubs ...

We fasho at bdubs for the draft tn.

@TheRealKevinho Say no more 👀 heard bdubs the wave later

everyone come to bdubs today bc I’ll be working open to close🥴

@KelseyRoss243 @ShaefferColt No bdubs is way more expensive, with less flavor !!

NIOSA today??? Bdubs for the spurs game??? What to do what to dooooo

@luberda_amanda I ended up getting bdubs and it was good 😋

@tybasederic at bdubs…

Some things are better left unsaid l⚾️⚾️😤😤

I gotchu💯 let’s hog to bdubs…

@gregdraper We have to eat at bdubs together before you leave

God is bout to work everything out in my favor just wait on it😤😤

If you wanna see real life heated debates, come to bdubs tonight. You won’t be disappointed. @TylerOSU @A_Simpson5 @joestewart16