Summary of bb19

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Summary of bb19

Raven....... Oh shit I thought this said UNDERRATED, Raven queen of being a puppet master and running bb19…

List the Big Brother seasons you’ve seen from best to worst — 1. bb20 2. bb18 3. bb17 4. bb16 5. bb19 6. celebrity bb2 7. bb21… : 0a408deb-bb19-4fd2-b552-bf2dee347971

@bbvotes @BB_Updates There is no such thing as a “flop” on BB19 except for production.

@alexkidwell She might be basing this on BB19, which was an abnormal season of lame recruit HGs, who weren't particularly good at comps and showed slavish, cultlike devotion to a returning vet. Except for her and Cody, everyone else was trying to help Paul get to F2 and were open about that.

@BB_Updates I don’t know who should be insulted more #bb21 #bb19

@JOSHMBB19 playing the game .. lol #BB19 wasn't even big brother it was the Paul show and all the puppets did as exactly as told. @deadskulltweets #BB21 #FACTS

@elkMichelle @ButFirstRoxy I still want Jackson to say Jack & Christie were in a relationship prior to entering the game! Imagine the fireworks all week 😂 #BB21

This is kinda sorta true... no 😆 Jackson is a misogynistic, racist arsehole But Beth is 30yrs older and needs to shed the majority of her hair and start poking the HG in their butts🤣#BB21…