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Summary of bannon

Get this guy as far away from our scotus as possible. And vote BLUE in every local, state election. These COUNCIL FOR NAT’L POLICY (CNP) types have dangerous goals to change our Constitution.……

@BBCVickiYoung @bbclaurak Rich coming from Boris Johnson the racist, who likes to hang around with far right fascists.…

Cartels are now controlling who gets through into America. This is exactly why we need strong borders and a border wall. Former White House Strategist Steve Bannon and @realcandaceo discuss.

In all this recent talk about forever wars et al, am I detecting the whiff of Bannon gestank? I know he's been trying to slither back in, and some of Trump's word choices seem drawn from pudgy fascist's "Wee Lad's Book of Totalitarian Isolationist Fantasy."

In his new book, ‘Mindf*ck’, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower @chrisinsilico describes how he built a “psychological warfare tool” for Steve Bannon, designed to use big data & social media to drive open cracks in societies & hollow out democracies.