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Summary of alyssamilano

Actress #AlyssaMilano I’m writing letters to my senators asking for universal background checks and you should too!! Go to to send one today!! #LettersForChange #S42 @Alyssa_Milano

#AlyssaMilano burn in hell along with the rest of government officials that allow this.…

I WoulD ReaLLY Love2GeT the Fuck Out Of THis Car FYI.. And What Was That I Heard.. @alyssamilano and @alecbaldwin go WaY BacK Together.. PoSter ChILdrEn FOr WHat YOU DOn'T DO.. NEVER Be The AbuSed That BeCoMEs The ABuser! THe cyCle MUST Be BroKeN Somewhere! ..

How about we just boycott #AlyssaMilano instead?…

@romans11732 @DawnSCrawford Let her tell #TylerPerry to boycott GA!😂His studio near Atlanta, is one of the biggest in the 🌎, AMC’s The Walking Dead (#TWD) is filmed in GA, and many other successful shows/movies. We in GA don’t need or want #AlyssaMilano’s opinions. #HB481 #HeartBeatBill

@AmericanVoterUS @realDonaldTrump @ByronYork @BillHemmer #JeffZuker says openly that his journalists are not investigative journalists, he says they get their information from expert sources ,a few of those sources are #Avenatti ,#AlecBaldwin #alyssamilano and #stormydaniels