Summary of ahs

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Summary of ahs

I don’t get how the apocalypse bunker In AHS was an all boys warlock school before the blast β€” like it literally has 3 rooms LMFAOOO

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Great work coming out of the conference already -thank you @aylshamhigh @AHS_TheLinkRoom for being such great CYPMH role models 🌟…

rewatching AHS: apocalypse and it actually still not great. relied too much on the cameos of previous characters, and didn't develop a good storyline. the doppelganger factor is too much to the point of confusion.

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Now streaming, Friday the 13th edition: – Top Boy – Unbelievable – AHS: Apocalypse – Marianne (genuinely terrifying new French horror series) – Tall Girl (film about a girl who is tall) – Hello, Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea – The Chef Show: Volume 2 – Call The Midwife s7

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