Summary of ahs

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Summary of ahs

@AHS1984_ THANK GOD ITS OVER. By far the most boring of AHS !

the finale of ahs 1984 hit differently🤧🤧

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I didnt think i’d like AHS without Peters & Paulson BUT 1984 is solid

They actually referenced kat von d in ahs hotel with that unvaccinated kid dying thats so cool

“The 80s will never die” -Montana/AHS:1984 @LourdBillie

@campredblood no ahs 1984 is in an alternate universe plus even if it was in the same universe as apocalypse mallory rewinded time

I love horror films/shows and I don’t get how people find AHS scary.

Who Is Richard Ramirez, The Real Serial Killer In American Horror Story: 1984? #AHS

AHS 1984 was perfect. Nostalgia overdose! And is this a tear?!

AHS lives on. See you next season. #AHS1984