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Summary of 90dayfiance

Russ & Pao, thank you for sharing the birth of your child with us on the show! It was gorgeous, and Pao is a warrior!💖😍 Congratulations! xoxo #90DayFiance #RussAndPao

@lyons_katt Yes. But I’m not too sure he has a mental illness.He definitely does come across as a narcissistic asshole. And if he’s a narcissist, he wouldn’t seek treatment anyway. Because it’s never him, always the other. They don’t have a problem, the other does...Believe u me #90dayfiance

Wow Evelin is such a bitch! Your man is leaving everything behind to be with you and you cant even pick him up from the airport?! Corey, turn back around! #90DayFiance #90daytheotherway

#90dayfiance I wouldve fought Pedros sister and that stupid female that keeps popping up

Looking for love…long distance! ✈️#90DayFiance: Before the 90 Days is back with new journeys of digital romances turned real-life fairytales. Tune in to the season premiere Sunday, August 4th at 8/7c. Learn more:

Things are about to get a whole lot more stupider! The family feud continues when the first-ever #90DayFiance spinoff series #TheFamilyChantel premieres Monday, July 22nd at 10/9c. Who's ready?! 🖐

😳When even the babershop has to rat you out...#90DayFiance