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Summary of 2b

Highlights 10/14 vs Pierce: Force (3B,RBI) Bakker 1-2 (RBI,SB) Garcia 1-2 (2B,RBI) Clark 1-2 (2B) Gould 3IP 0R 2H 1K Geaslen 2IP 0R 0H 0K Sato 1IP 0R 0H 3K The Triton Fall Series starts Wednesday 🔱⚾️

Fellowship is like being ONLINE with drama, only everyone is on the same topic of chiming in on the feelings & teachings of Godliness. It's enjoyable to listen to, think about, remember, to lend in, & to prepare for. Not being afraid to worship -like not being afraid 2b BORED.

Who's your MVP? Soyez objectif @T_Rozzay3 24p/7r/8a/2s 60%FG/57%3p/100%FT @brandonclarke23 16p/12r/3a/2s/1b 60%FG/100%FT @luka7doncic 19p/10r/7a/1s/1b 40%FG/33%3p/82%FT @MB3FIVE 22p/11r/1s/2b 50%FG/50%3p/100%FT @Hornets_France @GrizzliesFR @DallasMavsFr @SacramentoFR

@Jim_Jordan He needs 2B removed from his position right now! What is the hold-up? They keep getting away w all their shenanigans &monkey business bc they can. The Right needs to fight back like the left does. Schiff lied about what POTUS said, that alone he should have been removed.

gotye is ghosted by 1.2B people that's awesome

"We old guys can still play." - Howie Kendrick after Game 1 5-for-8, 4 2B, 5 RBI - Howie Kendrick and Ryan Zimmerman so far in Game 3 #NLCS // #STAYINTHEFIGHT

Ryan Zimmerman joins the RBI 2B party. It is six to zero in the fifth inning. #NLCS // #STAYINTHEFIGHT

October 14, 2017: Walk-off 2B October 13, 2019: Walk-off HR Let's just say @TeamCJCorrea loves Game 2 of the #ALCS against New York.