123movies, the world’s largest piracy streaming site announced closure, appeals to pay homage to video producers


123movieshub, popular pirated streaming site 123movies also known as GoMovies announced the closure of the site. According to the message posted on the site, it is said that it will be closed this weekend. In addition, operators of the site are asking users to pay movies and television programs and pay background to the video producers.

123 moovies, also known as Gomovies, is the Internet’s largest piracy streaming site visited by millions of users a day.

123movies ends

However, according to a message posted on the site, the site operator will close the site this weekend.

“Over the years, we have provided links to movies and TV shows, and now we have a farewell note, thank you for being our friend, thank you for walking with us.” The 123 moovies team wrote.

In addition, 123 moovies does not use pirated versions of movies and television programs, but rather asks for paying money and respecting image producers.

“PS: Pay money to movies and TV programs, which is the way to show people who support movies and television programs”

The closing announcement was announced a few days after MPAA criticized the site as the world’s largest piracy site by name.

“Currently, the world’s largest pirated site 123 moovies.to (currently) is operated in Vietnam and 98 million people are visiting monthly,” says Jan van Voorn, Senior Vice President, MPAA Global Content Protection .

This is not the first time 123 movies was accused. Last year, the US Ambassador to Vietnam asked the government to criminal prosecution of domestic business operators. It is also marked by the US Trade Representative, and 123 moovies is also published in the latest “Bad Market Market” report.

In the past few months, 123 moovies’ name has been changed several times, but originally the site is not that much historical site. 123 moovies that appeared 3 years ago quickly became a dominant player.

However, according to the announcement, its history ends in a few days. Users who are said to be millions of people will get lost in the streetheads.

Although the reasons for closure have not been made clear, it is said that it might be due to an increase in seizure pressure. However, the 123 moovies team does not mention it.

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